M.B.M.i (Israel) LTD. Marketing Building Materials (Co. No'. 51-197884-3)
 owns a 20,000 sq. meters logistic center building located in:

31 Ha’reches Ave’, Industrial zone, Modiin. 71713 ISRAEL.   P.O Box 414.

M.B.M.i LTD.  Is an Import, marketing and consulting company specializing in high tech & advanced building and construction supplies. 
The company emphasizes in smart water drainage combined with sealing/waterproofing solutions. It is the leading Israeli company in the field.
M.B.M.i  is a leader in Commercial & Industrial modular drain channels, roof & balcony drain systems, advanced sealants , Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), and other various practical construction solutions.
M.B.M.i was founded in 1990 by MALIBU ISRAEL LTD. (The 6th largest land development, construction and building contracting corporation in Israel).
In 1994 M.B.M.i embarked on a joint venture with ARIZ LTD., the leaders in commercial packaging supply, industrial marking and labeling machinery.
M.B.M.i’s current Chairman & President Mr. Jack Cohen has over 45 years of experience in the building marketing and importing field. 
Mr. Cohen helped elevating the building standards and revolutionized the commercial & industrial Israeli construction field.  
Since 1992, M.B.M.i has been importing and marketing products in Israel based on exclusive representation only, while placing an emphasis on technically advanced and high quality products.

M.B.M.i is proud to represent high quality companies in Israel.
A partial list includes:

DALLMER (Germany) – Drainage accessories for roofs, balconies and floor drains combined with waterproofing sealing and high tech sanitary solutions.
NICOLL (France) – Modular "Next Generation" high quality channel drains
(for loads up to 60 tons) for building and industrial projects, and sanitary accessories.
JAEGER (Germany) – Special non-woven waterproofing membranes combined with butyl adhesives.
BURDA (Germany) – Hidden installation systems and tanks for WC and bathrooms.
STUDOR (U.K.) – Intelligent innovative active plumbing ventilation, Air Admittance Valves (AAVs).
FIRST PLAST (Italy) – Unique PVC channel drain solutions.
KEBU (Germany) – Unique sealing and waterproofing products

All products are available in the local stock, and published in our catalogs and website.
In addition, the company holds professional seminar days for its clients, as well as providing instruction, guidance, and preliminary supervision as part of its services.

M.B.M.i is also in direct contact with thousands of engineers, architects, interior designers and more.
M.B.M.i Markets its products to the leading companies and whole sellers in Israel in the field of building sanitary installation and sealing.
Our staff includes;  A professional Marketing team, hired building Architects, Technicians, and Engineers.

M.B.M.i devotes all of its efforts to provide clients with reliable, high-quality service, individually tailored to their unique needs.
From the beginning stages of their project, to the very final and finest of details.

Our motto isQuality Without Compromise!

M.B.M.i Bank Acct’ :
Israel Discount Bank LTD., 18 Saharov St., Rishon Le-Zion 75070. Account No. 1813

M.B.M.i's logistics center in the city of Modiin – Israel